Cane River Bank and Berm Repairs Are Complete

Using FEMA disaster assistance funding, Yancey County has completed repairs to a 400 linear foot reach of the Cane River at the county’s Cane River Park. Flooding during Hurricanes Florence and Michael in the Fall of 2018 eroded the river bank, formed a large breach in a berm and caused extensive damage to the park facilities, including the deposition of thousands of cubic yards of sediment on a soccer field. The team of Headwaters Engineering, ClearWater Environmental Consultants, Site Design Studios and Kee Mapping & Surveying completed assessment, design, permitting and construction observation for the bank and berm repairs. Headwaters’ repair design incorporated bioengineering measures on the bank and extensive aquatic habitat structure along the restored toe in order to support the local Appalachian elktoe mussel, eastern hellbender and trout populations. The restored floodplain bench received dozens of river cane transplants from a nearby field. Construction was performed by Baker Grading & Landscaping of Old Fort, NC.